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Throw Way Way Back Thursday

This screen is the first frame I made for the first commercial job I ever did, for Ken Brown Designs.  The image is from an ad from an old joke catalog, for some weird ass face paint. I exposed the image with a 150 watt light bulb and a pie plate reflector. Instead of a vacuum frame I used a piece of glass on top of the film. I had hand stretched the mesh on scrap wood (it still has enough tension that I probably could print shirts with it!) I would use Speedball water-based ink (I think they still make it) and print by hand. I didn’t even have a hand press or even clamps, I would just put the screen down straight every time by eye, and print with one hand. I would put cardboard in the shirt so it wouldn’t go through to the back. I printed literally thousands and thousands of shirts that way. I would then dump out the cardboard and hang each shirt on a clothes line. Surprisingly I learned to love screenprinting.


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