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V-Neck Trouble

Printing off the collar on a v-neck tee can be, as this graphic reads, “trouble”.  An ideal graphic, ie: low to moderate coverage, halftone, or distressed, a lightweight garment with a flat collar (in this case District DT161 makes all the difference as does a low viscosity ink (in this case Rutland chino base with 25% black pigment).  Hopefully these pics shed a little light…

We used a soft squeegee (65/95/65) with plenty of pressure to completely penetrate the neck seam
This is a large graphic, 20″ wide. Note that the print extends onto the sleeves
The pallet is taped in the “bleed” area so the wet ink may be easily wiped. Another solution is to flash after the print so that the ink in the bleed area will dry
I don’t think Miguel has a good reason for his pulling technique other than an over-tacked pallet! Pay no attention to the dirty press, we missed our weekly cleaning
As with any oversized or “bleed” print, extra care is required to smooth out the garment on the dryer belt
With even coverage and minimal ink deposit, there is no need for a second pass through the dryer as would be required if there were a well of ink around the collar
The final product. This type of print reminds me that I love screen-printing


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