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Victory Shirts

Winning the Super Bowl means getting a Super Bowl ring (NFL pays for 150 of them at $7K ea.,) kissing the championship Lombardi trophy (#%&* the germs,) a check for $107,000, a parade (in Boston that means riding on a duck boat,) and getting a t-shirt.

Funny how getting a t-shirt is part of it these days. I’ve even heard in interviews  post-season victories have been referred to as “getting the shirt and hat.”

Brady with his shirt in hand.
Kyle Van Noy who had a huge sack in the game, in heavenly bliss with this Super Bowl t-shirt.

Brady sporting his Super Bowl shirt.

Super Bowl Shirts being displayed at the duck boat parade today.

and one last shirt. Sometimes you can’t say what you want verbally but a shirt speaks for you. Patriots Defensive Coach (and genius IMHO) Matt Patricia sporting a t-shirt that shows Roger Goodell as a clown. True that!


  1. You will receive one super soft t-shirt featuring a silkscreen of the starry owl constellation printed in sky blue ink.

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