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Visit to Midnight Prints

I had the pleasure of visiting Midnight Prints and Bill Heintz in New Orleans and even got to hear his great band The Bills.

I have been very lucky in my life to have been able to visit many many shops from some of the biggest with dozens of giant autos, to people printing 12 black shirts using toilet bowl cleaner for white ink. Bigger ain’t necessarily better if you are talking how your life goes. I printed thousands of shirts in my basement working by myself and I’ve had 60 people working for me with four autos and I’ve got no regrets, but I would tell you not to get bigger just to get bigger.

On that note, Bill Heintz has a one man shop just outside New Orleans called Midnight Prints and he may not have a laser exposure unit but he does have his head screwed on right and knows his clientele. Like so many shop owners, he likes screen printing and, probably more importantly, he doesn’t want a boss.

Some photos from his shop, very well set up for what he does.

Note the one person shop essential, a tub as a catcher.
All too often not seen in screen shops, the oh so necessary dehumidifier.



Note the sign of a good screen shop, a dehumidifier.
The all important drum kit in the shop. Screen to live, don’t live to screen.
Pretty typical of Bill’s work, cool stuff for punks and that attitude.
Bill does some of his own artwork, DIY trumps AI every time for some things.
Bill sepped this. Good result, soft hand.
Besides screening shirt, Bill delves into filmmaking, the more fake blood the better.

And I got to see his band The Bills, great stuff.
And here is a single from The Bills, and with a business orientation, right?





    1. If I”m ever anywhere close to Toledo I”m checking out my buddy John Amato’s shop, no doubt!

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