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Web Wednesday – The Ink Kitchen Meets Kitchen Ink

Down on Frenchman Street in New Orleans on a Tuesday night which was turning into Wednesday morning I met Rosin, selling her “Kitchen Ink” wares at a table. She literally screens on the floor in her kitchen, air dries her ink, and has a total DIY operation going. A few photos of her designs and of her and her pal follow, apologies that I captured Rosin only as a blur behind the table. It was fun talking shop with her as I started screening shirts in my basement in an operation not unlike hers with the same ink (Speedball,) same press (no press, one colors printed by eye,) and the same way to set the ink permanently (laundromat.)

Her site is but I’m sure it is more fun to try and catch her on Frenchman some night at her table.

20140429_233651 20140429_233705 20140429_233715 20140429_233742 20140429_233858


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