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A Life of Color Separations- Shop Talk with Dave Gardner

If you’re looking for a dose of inspiration, you are in for a treat with this Shop Talk with industry legend Dave Gardner, the inventor of simulated process printing, the “underbase” print, creator of the iconic Harley Davidson t-shirts of the 1980s and now Director of Creative Embellishment at  Gildan. When he started there were no computers, no Photoshop, no mockups of what the final shirt was going to look like. He did it in his head as he made the screens!

Dave started with art and along the way invented simulated process printing, the ‘underbase’, and the 1990s t-shirt aesthetic. And to this day, his greatest thrill is seeing his art on someone’s favorite shirt. If you do anything with t-shirt printing, art and color seps, this will blow your mind.



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