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Fortune Favors the Bold

In business school I learned that Opportunity Discovery is one form of entrepreneurial opportunity. If demand exists and supply is not being met, that’s an entrepreneurial opportunity. A 22-year old Michigan college student is making the most of the state’s new recreational use marijuana law to run a t-shirt business that sells expensive t-shirts and…

It Looks….Different Around Here

You may have noticed things look a little different around here and that one or two things might be missing. We migrated the site to a new server and lost our WP theme along the way.  Guess it’s time to move that re-design plan into high gear! And then maybe I can write a post…

Rick Named One of “The Most Creative People in Promo”

In a sweep of journalistic bravado, the latest edition of Counselor Magazine likens Rick to other titans of change agency like Bill Gates and Steve Jobs, as they name him one of “The Most Creative People in Promo.” It’s hard to follow that with anything more impressive, so I’ll just leave the link to the…

Are You Feeling Lucky?

You should because if you’re reading this you’re invited to our Lucky Friday Thirteen Bash at Tom’s shop, Motion Textile, this coming Friday, April 13. Just click here for your free tickets. We could have just said, ‘Hey, we’re having an open house in conjunction with The NBM Show in Sacramento,” but that’s not how…

ISS Long Beach 2018 Highlights

ISS Long Beach brought Round One of The Ink Kitchen Hang Out, with vinyl, beer and a place to hang out and get to know people. Check out the show highlights now and keep an eye out for more coming soon.

NEWS FLASH- PolyOne Buys Rutland Inks

PolyOne, manufacturer of Wilflex inks, is purchasing Rutland inks. This is big news if you use ink (which would be most of you). Details to follow.

Check Out What We’re Checking Out at ISS Long Beach

Check out what we’re checking out at the ISS Long Beach show on Instagram- .

4th Time is the Charm – WordPress Geek Advice

This is a first of maybe some more posts about dealing with the “social” elements of your business. When I jumped into this social media role at The Ink Kitchen a couple years ago I wasn’t really aware of what I was getting myself into. Take some photos and post them somewhere “online”, right? Yeah, something…

California Dreaming ISS Long Beach Day 1

Day 1 of ISS Long Beach was hopping! We’re printing live at the show in the Hirsch booth on the MHM SP-5000 and giving the shirts away at the Hanes booth as they come off the dryer. The deal is– give us a like on social media and we’ll give you one of these cool X-Temp shirts.…

ISS Long Beach Giveaway!

The Ink Kitchen is so psyched about the ISS Long Beach show that we’re running a giveaway on our Facebook page from January 22-26. Check out the details on Facebook (click on the title to expand this post and then on the image below) and leave a comment on which prize you’re hoping to win.

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