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Jazz Fest Shirts and More

Every year we look forward to a parade of funny and interesting t-shirts at the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival. This year that didn’t really happen. We found some but it was rather slim pickings but that’s the way fashion rolla. And just when you think you know what’s in and what’s out, you don’t.…

Look Who’s Back!

If you’re at ISS Atlantic City come by booth 505 and celebrate the comeback of Know-It-All Rick Roth.

ISS Atlantic City Starts Tomorrow

Come on by and see us in booth 505 at the ISS Atlantic City show this weekend. Not only can we help you navigate the show, we can tell you good places to eat, too!

SGIA Journal Features a “Know-It-All”

Resident “Know-It-All” Tom Davenport is featured in the Winter ’15 SGIA Journal: Garment Edition The article takes an in-depth look at the proper pairing of substrate and print method, an all-too-often ignored aspect of garment decoration. If you are an SGIA member and received the Journal, we think the read will be well worth your time.  If…

ISS Long Beach Day 1

Come say hi at Booth 157. We’ve got Know-It-Alls Tom and KC. Our lovely and multitalented staff Deb and Ashley are here too. Enter to win a commemorative Hane’s Beefy T and get a cool gift, courtesy of The Ink Kitchen.  

El aeropuerto más amigable del mundo.

Desafortunadamente vivo en la que es una de las ciudades menos acogedoras, Boston, y su aeropuerto (Logan) está en mi lista de los diez peores del mundo. Tratan a todos como criminales en potencia y a partir de ahí todo se viene abajo. No tiene que ser así. El aeropuerto de Munich alberga lugares para…

A Visit to Another Kitchen

Sometimes I like to check out other Kitchens online. One of my favorites is Thug Kitchen. It’s my go-to source for vegan recipes full of attitude. Depending on your workplace it may be NSFW (Not Safe For Work) due to what some may consider improper language, in large fonts. It’s totally safe and appropriate for…

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La Cocina de tinta se va a la FESPA Digital 2014 – Transferencias

A pesar de ser un show digital, la impresión digital directa no ha impedido otras formas de decoración, ni ha parado la innovación de otra manera. La transferencia es una de las técnicas que tienen más fuerza, aquí vemos nuevas formas o mejoras para las transferencias. Éstas resisten la migración del tinte o pueden ser…

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