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Solvy: en Español

Solvy es una lámina plástica manufacturada para la industria del bordado. Se coloca sobre cualquier superficie de tejido, por ejemplo: sobre el  acrílico de un sombrero o encima de un polo de punto. Solvy permite acabados uniformes y un detalle más fino ,respetando las puntadas del tejido sobre el que se aplica. Se utiliza poniendo…

Good Times at ISS Long Beach 2014

Trade shows are necessary to get people in the industry together all in one place and to see new stuff. The Imprinted Sportswear Show in Long Beach is no exception, in fact it is probably the biggest gathering of the tribe. Too often it is isolating and frankly boring, but it doesn’t need to be.…

Solvy Salvation

When you have a coarse weave such as an acrylic knit hat or pique knit polo shirt, you can get the embroidery to come out well with digitizing if you are a jedi master of embroidery, but a simple “trick” for mere mortals is to use Solvy on the surface. Solvy is a plastic film…

Throwback Thursday – Organic ink!

Mirror Image makes and prints an ink for t-shirts that is organic and so safe you can eat it.

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