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TBT – Organic Man Redux

For Throwback Thursday, thoughts go to this photo of Stefan Bergill, organic man. It is baseball Spring Training time, Earth Day is coming up and there he is. The interview is as relevant as when I first did it. I have known Stefan Bergill since lived out West and he ran Patagonia’s Beneficial T’s program.…

Misprint Monday: An Outsourcing Nightmare

Many years ago this design came our way as part of a program we are running for a retail line.  We told the customer that this was a print more suitable for a belt printer as the graphic ran from the garment body and over the sleeve with a bleed of the edge of the…

A Brother in Need: Jimmy Bones

At last year’s ISS Atlantic City show I was introduced to Jimmy and Drew from American Icon Screen printing in Newburgh NY.  It was great meeting Jimmy, clearly a good dude, and a fellow printer who clearly has a real passion for what he does. The night before Thanksgiving Jimmy was run over by at least…

La Cuisine de l’Encre “Pas à moitié cuit, traité.”

There was some controversy to our post on American Apparel yesterday. We are certain that the following interview will straighten everything out.    

A Visit to American Apparel

  The  Ink Kitchen aims for the quick jab, a paragraph and a photo and back to your day. Occasionally a subject will deserve a longer form. A day long visit to American Apparel is such a topic. From time to time you’ll see these longer pieces, probably about once a month. You also are…

TBT – Old and New Friends to the Rescue

This week’s Throwback Thursday post– Our business of slinging ink is a sleazy one. The rag trade tends to the dishonest, the penny pinching, and the unethical. It has been mused that it came from the fact that screen printers historically plied their trade printing license plates in prison. I don’t buy that explanation, as…

Misprint Monday #1

This is first in a weekly series of “Misprint Monday” posts. Oh, if we only lived in a world where there was not so much material, so damn many mistakes. Of all the regular columns on the Ink Kitchen, this may unfortunately be the easiest to fill. This one is a common error this week.…

Throwback Thursday – Organic ink!

Mirror Image makes and prints an ink for t-shirts that is organic and so safe you can eat it.

American Apparel

I dropped by for a visit at the American Apparel factory in downtown LA today and was shown every aspect of production. Nothing was off limits. American Apparel is the real deal–a large-scale production facility making goods in the USA and treating their workers fairly. I’ll show you more later. –Rick

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