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Automation Is for Shops of Every Size

In this Shop Talk video Ed Levy of Hirsch Solutions talks with Rick about automating embroidery and other decorating processes for shops of all sizes. Automation used to be too expensive for smaller operations, but now it has become accessible to all. Rick shares how it went when Mirror Image integrated embroidery automation and Ed…

Want to Know What’s Involved in Starting a Decorating Business?

One of the most fascinating Shop Talks from the Atlantic City Impressions Expo was this panel discussing what it takes to start and run a small, medium or large decorating business. Stan Banks of T-Shirt Side Hustle, Lon Winters of Graphic Elephants and Dennis Tam of Ampersand Print Co joined moderator Rick Roth and walked…

Press Time Is Expensive. Let’s Not Waste It

We have been looking at any possible way to save time on press.   One thing that I feel wastes a huge amount of time is taping pallets.   Our solution was to buy an extra set of pallets and create a pallet taping station.   Now we can take off all of our dirty fleecy pallets and…

Shop Talk at Impressions Expo Long Beach 2020: Bobbin Tension with Bill Garvin

The always informative and entertaining Bill Garvin, of BG Tech Services, joins Shop Talk at Impressions Expo Long Beach 2020 to discuss the importance of bobbin tension in embroidery.

Press On – Episode 5: How Suppliers are Coping with the COVID-19 Crisis

In Episode 5 of Press On we talked to industry suppliers to get their take on the challenges presented by the COVID-19 crisis. #LETSPRESSON

How to Print Bandanas

  No doubt that printing loads of bandanas will be part of our “new normal”.  Here are some tips for success… 1) Iron or Steam Buy a commercial iron and/or steamer and treat every piece prior to printing to flatten wrinkles in the fabric.  It sounds like a lot of work, but it’s not as…

Shop Talk at Impressions Expo Long Beach 2020: Marketing on a Shoestring with Bruce Ackerman

Bruce Ackerman, Founder of Printavo, knows that to build a business you need more than just great products and service, you need effective marketing too.  Bruce joined Shop Talk at Impressions Expo Long Beach 2020 to discuss marketing on a shoestring…

Press On – Episode 3: What’s Keeping You Going?

Episode 3 of Press On poses a few questions to decorators to help us understand what’s keeping them going during these toughest of times.  Thanks to La Tonna, Peter, Justin, and Kevin for the sincere responses! #LETSPRESSON

Press On Episode 2 Addendum: Lauren Roberts of Printed Threads

The Press On video series is a collaboration between the Ink Kitchen and our friends at Bella+Canvas, Ryonet, and Impressions.  This series aims to capture some of what everybody in our community is feeling during this unprecedented time. In this addendum to Episode 2, Lauren Roberts, of Printed Threads, shares her experience.

Press On Episode 2: Slowing Down, Moving Forward

This week in Episode 2 of Press On, we talked to printers all over the country to find out how shops are dealing with shut downs, slow downs and employee furloughs. They shared their frustrations and their advice. Financial relief in the form of SBA loans and grants was another major topic of the past…

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