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Concepts and Concrete Steps to Fast Screenprint Set-Ups

It doesn’t really matter how fast your press goes if you take too long to set up jobs. If your press isn’t spinning, you aren’t making money. It’s as simple as that.

At the Impressions Expo in Fort Worth, Danny Gruninger of Daybirds Printing talked with Rick about the tools and processes he uses to set jobs up quickly and keep production moving along.



  1. Another way to set up quickly is to be organized first. Get the “Scavenger Hunt” for all shirts, screens, inks, samples, etc., for tomorrow’s production, handled today by the end of the shift. Prioritize the organization so that the first job in the line is the first one to be produced. Print out tomorrow’s schedule, and print it out to give each press crew the expectation of what needs to be handled.

  2. I love the Egg Shell work around speak or not speak (elephant in the room) OH touchy feely LOL
    If you want far less set up time regardless of what your stems are for prepping your autos for set ups is always going to be go wit MHM. Danny knows this as much as I do. F**k the rest. Seriously.

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