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Dave Gardner Selected for Lifetime Achievement Award

At the recent Impressions Expo in Long Beach, Dave Gardner was awarded the third ever Lifetime Achievement Award by Ink Kitchen and Impressions. You can read about it here in Impressions Magazine.

Dave pioneered simulated process printing and has created t-shirt color separations and artwork that are the gold standard to which all other printers compare their work. For his hard work, creativity and contributions to the industry,  he joins prior award winners Andy Anderson, process printing guru, and Mike Beckman, inventor of high density ink and special effects those inks make possible.

While Dave was not a public figure and did not bring any attention to himself, industry insiders for decades have known the greatness of his work and his selection is certainly well-deserved and the recognition long overdue.

Dave shows the first ever simulated process print he made in 1984, before there was Photoshop or Macs!


A special commemorative t-shirt designed by Dave for the occasion

You can watch the whole ceremony on our YouTube channel!


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