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Impressions 2024 Shop Talks. Natural and Artificial Intelligence in Abundance

Friday starts a run of 17 free Shop Talks, starting at 10:30AM and running all day every day of the Impressions Expo, with over 25 speakers and panelists.

They happen at the stage at Booth 3619, right behind arena registration back in of course, The Arena!


We are beyond pleased to present these 2024 Shop Talks, with some of the best and brightest in the industry appearing on stage (and later in our videos.) It is all free. You have access to ask questions, and to meet and speak personally to all the speakers. The schedule can be found here.

Michelle Moxley Hruby will be a featured speaker. With Alex Phelan of Merchandise and Jacob Edwards of Jakprints and Indiemerch will be speaking Frday at 2 on the future of the garment decoration industry. Saturday Michelle will give two talks on Artificial Intelligence.
Howard Levine of Alliance Graphics will start off Friday at 10:30 with an often mis-understood topic of unions in the industry.
We are very fortunate to have Salesperson extraordinaire Kevin Baumgart of Set Sales give a talk Friday at 11 on Sales.
Friday at 12 we’ll hear Ali Banholzer talk on project management. (Her talk I saw last year at Shirt Lab in New Orleans was so good I can hardly remember how good the crawfish was there.)


Dov Charney CEO of Los Angeles Apparel will speak on garment trends at 4PM Friday. Always entertaining, and always worth hearing on his take where garments are headed.
Dave Gardner, one of the greatest artists in the history of t-shirts, will deservedly be receiving a Lifetime Achievement Award presented by Ink Kitchen and Impressions. And! free beer and wine as Happy Hour is at 4PM Friday
Some of the most interesting Shop Talks are from new speakers and on technical subjects. We have both things going on as Erienne Murphy from Eastern Tech will speak on pre-treatment for DTG for the 10:30 slot on Saturday.
LaTonna Roberson is at 12 on Saturday and the Lady Print Boss has a B.A. in Fashion Design and a wealth of experience pulling squeegees in her own shop (and balancing the books) and doing live printing activations and a wealth of good advice as a result of her consulting with small business start-ups.
If there is a person in this industry that understands film and video and social media like Sergio Ramirez does, I have not heard of them. Miss his talk at your own peril. His last Shop Talk still has me thinking about what he had to say. Saturday at 1PM
Ink Kitchen Media Director and Manager of Pam Ikegami will lead a panel on “Women in the Industry: What Is the Reality Now and How Can We Do Better?” This will feature garment decoration talents Milissa Gibson, Nicole Pape, LaTonna Roberson Megan Griffith and Nikki Bowen. The status quo on how women exist in this industry is unacceptable in many ways and what’s to be done about it? Please join this conversation and in big and small ways let’s move forward.
Yes, we have discussed transfers in the past. However, the landscape is evolving at a rapid rate and if you want access to the best and brightest the transfer world you can’t do much better than Josh Ellsworth, Deric Hoch, Jody Mazade, Michael Modgill, and Nathan Anderson. Saturday at 4PM
I recently tried to find information on line about presses of the past, some of which I know are still running. You are not going to find this information on line, but Rick Fuqua, James Ortolani and Tom Codute have it covered, I assure you. This will be a fun trip to the past. Sunday at 11.
You want to do the best prints and set up fast? Well, I hope you do. If so, you won’t have better advice from anywhere better than from Tony Palmer (pictured here) and Brian Lessard. Sunday at 12
Andy MacDougall is fun, extremely knowledgeable, and so so passionate about screenprinting. Come by for a discussion on how us geezers can not just pass on our knowledge, but the inspiration to future generations of printers. Sunday at 1.

Full schedule here and bios of the speakers here.  

We hope to see you there, but if not look for the Shop Talk Videos and you can subscribe to our always free Shop Talk videos here.













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