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Machines We Love: Karcher Power Washer

This is second of a series on machines we love.  These are machines that help us get our decorating work done and we don’t have to mess with them, they just go and go.

For this machine, we had to go outside the industry. I hear of so many people that buy new power washers all the time and the ones we have had in the past I got good at rebuilding the valves and all kinds of repairs. Repair time is wasted time. Machines that don’t work are a waste of time. Time is money, we get paid to print shirts not repair power washers or make trips to buy a new one, not to mention they are likely to fail at the very worst time.

No more for us. A few years ago we got a Karcher power washer and I no longer even think about it. It automatically shuts off when no water is flowing so it does not burn out motors. It runs and runs and we don’t think about it at all. It is a great machine.

Karcher power washer, what a great machine.


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