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Machines We Love: MHM SP5000 Press

This is first of a series on machines we love.  These are machines that help us get our decorating work done and we don’t have to mess with them, they just go and go.


The first of these is our MHM SP5000 screenprinting press. This is very similar to our MHM SP3000 press that we had that worked every day for over 20 years pumping out print after print. MHM improved that press without (as is so often the case) also screwing anything up. It goes and goes and we don’t think about it. Everything is cast and welded so it doesn’t shake apart over time like other presses and need adjustments. The platen arms are always level and stay that way. The registration stays rock solid. We want to set up quickly and print and this press does that over and over and over…


MHM SP5000 Screen Printing Press
The platens stay level and flat and all parallel to the screens. The screens are instead of unlocked and locked like most presses (and they move when locked) these are basically locked and super-locked and don’t move during the registration process. I also love the safety bars, simple and user-friendly vs. complicated safeties that too often people go around instead of using.

The arms are cast aluminum and welded, not bolts to shake loose. The arms stay level for years not hours like some presses, and they don’t deflect.
Safety bars promote safe operation in their simplicity as too often more complicated systems lead to operators ducking under them and therefore are unsafe. These gates easily push in even with your hands full.
Squeegee carriages have all the angle, speed, height, and pressure you want to control and then a great extra is that the blades themselves pop in and out easily with only one pin to hold them in and yet they stay level and in place.
Our SP5000 follows in the footsteps of the SP3000 which worked every day all day for twenty years and SP4000 which we still run and love. MHM managed to improve the electronics and at the same time unlike so many other companies did not mess up all the things that were already great.


  1. We have two SP-5000s and one ol’ SP-4000. We love them. Been using MHM presses since the old SA-120s and they have come along way baby. By far the easiest to use press in the world.

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