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Quick Check on What’s New at Ikonics/Chromaline

I had the pleasure of visiting Ikonics (selling Chromaline branded products) in Duluth, MN. I have made prior visits and have previously seen their impressive production facility and met their impressive roster of dedicated employees. Those visits are documented here and here.

Checking in on them they continue to make great emulsions with great quality control, and now have added high quality equipment for which they provide their same top notch support. They do good work at all levels of garment decoration; hobbyist, small shops and at the highest level shops in terms of size and quality.

Long time chemist Aimee Peterson stands next to the new Chromaline laser exposure unit. They also have top notch screen coaters and they sell top of the line Zentner screen cleaning unit. They also now sell a full line of screen reclaim chemicals.
Chromaline offers an entry level LED exposure unit.
To pair with their LED exposure unit, Chromaline has developed an emulsion that works particularly well with that type of exposure system.

Their craft division has a very versatile system called Ikonart, here is a shirt, bib and a pretty detailed plaque printed with it.


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