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The Coed Naked Truth: The Triumphs and Pitfalls of Owning a Small Business

Mark Lane, the CEO of Coed Sportswear, talks about the highs and lows of running Coed Naked, one of the hottest retail t-shirt brands of the 1990s, in this Shop Talk from the Impressions Expo in Atlantic City. He discusses how the company went from selling over 10 million shirts in 12,000 stores to nearly going out of business in the early 2000s.

He also talks about how the company has reinvented itself in recent years and is now thriving in the changing retail landscape. This video is a must-watch for anyone who is interested in the history of retail or who wants to learn from the mistakes and successes of one of the most iconic t-shirt brands of all time.

You can read about Mark’s experiences in more detail in his book, The Coed Naked Truth:The Triumphs and Pitfalls of Owning a Small Business, available on Amazon.



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