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Water-Based Printing Tips and Tricks

We gathered some of the most knowledgable water-based screen printers in the country for this Shop Talk on printing with water-based inks. Val and Eric Solomon of Night Owls, Danny Gruninger of DG Consulting and Tony Palmer of PalmPrint Screen Printing Consulting shared their expertise with the crowd at Impressions Expo Long Beach and our YouTube viewers.

“There’s no cheating in water-based printing”
“Once you have all the variables dialed in, it’s easy.”
With slim margins for error, this type of screen printing is an art, a craft and science that appeals to the nerds among us. And the results appeal to everyone who appreciates the beauty of a good print and the soft hand of water-based inks.


  1. Body language between “Daybirds” and “Night Owls” is priceless!! LOL
    Just funnin. Yeah H2O inks. Ive been using them since 1990 starting with discharge then on to standard and high solids from there. The H2O inks of today are WAY easier to use than back in the day and folks need to realise the only thing you really loose with water is a fraction of your press time with end of day screen and tool clean up. Everything else is just slight adjustments here and there. Shops need to be proficient at both solvent inks and all 3 variants of H2O. Get a fuggn dryer that can handle H2O too yall.

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